About Us

Uganda Youth Forum is a youth focused organization and the youth aged 10 - 30 are its primary target audience.

Background & History

Uganda Youth Forum (UYF) was founded in 1992 by the First Lady of the Republic of Uganda, Hon. Mrs. Janet K. Museveni. It was formed as a response to the helplessness among the youth during the time when the country had just come out of war and the HIV/AIDS pandemic was destroying families and many young people were lost and didn't know what to do.

The patron, having realized the needs and challenges faced by the youth in Uganda, decided to form UYF to help young people make informed decisions and right choices in life. With a vision of having an empowered, healthy and purpose driven, youth, she embarked on consultations with friends and some teachers in Kampala, all were convinced that something had to be done.

UYF initially brought together youth in schools around Kampala on an annual basis BUT today, UYF has been reinvigorated to serve the youth of the country by holding conferences in different regions of the country. These conferences provide a platform for open dialogue on challenges of growing up, such as sexuality, relationships, adolescence, friendships and informed career choices.

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Message from our Patron

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To reach out to the youth nationwide, empowering them to lead transformed and productive lives.



An empowered, healthy and focused youth.



Influence formulation and implementation of policies on the issues affecting the youth.


Some of our young people, partners and mentors share briefly about UYF.